Silver Edition

Klaus Schulze: Silver Edition

I spent quite a deal of the weekend travelling on the musical journey of KS Airlines. I loved it! The Silver Edition is magnificent. It has music for all moods. I offer my congratulations to both Mr. Schulze and yourself; another successful project.«
(P. J., radio, Australia)

»We like Picasso geht spazieren the most.«
(A. & S. F., "Audion", Great Britain)

»...he has not lost his musical vision. KS started it over 20 years ago and still today can conjure up the phantastic muse to create music that embodies the cosmic impact of the old classical masters with the vibration of the modern age. There is certainly no other artist in the E.M. genre that even comes close to him. All others are even less than a pale imitation of his style.
If there was one thing a fan of electronic music should own and cherish in the last ten years, the Silver Edition is it! It explores the myrial possibilities of electronic sound and does it with a depth of emotion that is striking in its range. From beautifully hymnal to surreal and frightening, it's an amazing musical trip! Thanks for the ride!«
(A. P., "Eurock", USA)

»Well, what a great idea! ...Silver Edition will go a long way toward satisfying even the most insatiable Schulze afficianado. ...Few can create such colorful imaginary as Schulze. ...The Silver Edition set is a brilliant tribute to an innovative artist, and a terrific gift from the maestro to his fans.«
(M. D., "TDNAN", USA)

»I have only had the chance to listen to disc one and disc two... but I can say without reservation that if those first two discs are any indication of what follows, then the Silver Edition might just be considered the Schulze magnus opus, if not the most comprehensive offering of progressive electronic music yet released in the '90s.«
(D. B., "i/e", USA)

»Brilliant! ...finally I cannot say other than Klaus again proved that he is called with reasons the Master of the Electronic Music world.« (& five pages review!).
(F. C., "KLEM", Netherlands)

»...what a pleasure to listen to it! I can't say which piece I prefer, because all the pieces have a so different touch, so different personality; for me it's great and I hope that all the people who bought the Silver Edition will think like me.«
(Y. G., France)

»...der Journalist kommt nach zweimaligem Durchhören des kompletten Sets nicht umhin, sich dem Tenor der enthusiastischen Urteile anzuschließen. ... langweilig ist nicht eine Sekunde. ... ein Fest für Fans. ... Was Inspiration und Ideenreichtum angeht, sind selbst diese Outtakes dem offiziellen Output der Epigonen himmelhoch überlegen.«
(A. P. in "Keyboards", Germany)

»... spilletid 12,5 timer ... 10 dobbelt CD ... 2.000 eksemplarer ... disk 10 ... fra 1992-93 ... fra perioden 1975-77 ... bog på 48 sider ... de første 1000 eksemplarer ... de alt 3 bokse ... er på 11 minutter ... er på 78 minutter ... ingen 3 minutters ... (75'09) ... 4 numre ... på 28 minutter ... de første ca. 20 minutter ... på 16 minutter ... på 20 minutter ... kun ca. 11 minutter langt ... alle 4 numre ... (71'09) ... i 3 satser ... på 20 minutter ... på disk 1 ... starten af nummeret ... klart inspireret af Stockhausen [sic!] ... (74'14) ... 3 numre fra 1975-76 ... det første nummer ... i 1976 ... Schulze's 70'er musik ... og dette nummer ... dette 34 minutter lange nummer ... 1976 ... og er på 27 minutter ... i 1975 ... er på 13 minutter ... (78'17) ... (37 min.) ... (19 min.) ... på 21 minutter ... de sidste 6 diske vil jeg anmelde i nummer 7.«
(A funny counter in "Tangenten", Denmark)

»L'édition s'étale sur trois boîters ... un minimum de place, donc, pour un maximum de musique. ... Les musiques d'images sont toujours présentes et le musicien sorcier qu'est Schulze nous en gratifie avec une grande simplicité.
... Klaus poursuit sa quête d'un Graal sonore depuis plus de vingt ans. Ce goût de la nostalgie et ses thèmes récurrents, de l'étrange, cette déliquescence des sons, ce détachement envers les événements sonores où point même un certain humour, bref, ce lyrisme poétique évident et sans pédantisme dont il use et abuse nous rappelle sa rage, sa frénésie de jouer, atteignant parfois même au paroxysme!«
(A. A., "Crystal News", France)

»...Glückwunsch für so viel kreatives Output.«
(O. Z., "Radio Brandenburg", Germany)

»The Silver Edition può essere in definitiva considerato un capolavora, sicuramente l'evento dell'anno; nessuno aveva tentato finora di proporre in una sola volta tanto materiale inedito di cosi elevato livello.«
(G. Q., "Deep Listenings", Italia)

»I can't find the exact words to describe the feeling of listening to this masterpiece. It is incredible to find the concerts of '77, which I joined as a very young but already loyal fan... The new stuff is also very unexpected; good experience to listen to. This is the way I love Klaus Schulze the best. While not listening to these CDs, they are in my safe, because I could not live by the idea that something could happen to them. It's like pure silver, covered by golden memories.
This was the best thing to start the year with, let us hope that the rest will be of the same level.«
(M. N., radio, Belgium)

»I was very impressed by a certain 10 CD boxed set. Thanks! ... The Klaus Schulze Silver Edition, event of the year 1993 in the electronic area.«
(C. P., "Oniric", France)

»Music without meaning is just sound without intrinsic value of its own. There is far too much of such noise! That is partly why the Silver Edition set is such an important landmark in electronic music, as well as in music generally. It is an astonished concerted output of intellect and emotion by a man who can and does refuse to be restricted by the boundaries of his chosen form.«
(R.M. "Space Rider", England)

(B. B., "Radio Nova" & "Best", France)

»... Sa musique est grandiose sans être grandiloquente, s'installant définitivement dans une dimension symphonique, lyrique et dramatique. Durant l'écoute de ce déluge de musique on est sidéré par la suprême beauté de ces compositions qui prennent parfois la dimension d'opéras modernes. Étrange alchimie des sons animés par une poésie surréaliste. ...en pleine maturité créatrice.
...interprétés avec une intelligence surnaturelle imposant ce climat si particulier font de ce coffret un véritable manifeste pour une nouvelle musique. Narren des Schicksals & Picasso geht spazieren: Ce sont les deux plus grandes œuvres de Klaus...

En dehors des modes et du temps K.S. continue imperturbablement son œuvre en solitaire, ne cherchant ni gloire ni éloge. Loin des star systèmes et de leur strass, tel un alchimiste des temps modernes en maître de l'électronique...
Avec un tel monument Klaus vient de peindre sa Chapelle Sixtine, d'écrire sa Légende des Siècles. Silver Edition est l'événement musical de cette fin de siècle. ...
Enfin je me fais le porte-parole des heureux souscripteurs pour remercier kdm d'avoir eu assez de folie pour imaginer et offrir aux admirateurs de Klaus Schulze ce cadeau extraordinaire...

(D. R., "Crystal Infos", France)

» ... Silver Edition: Das gibt's nur einmal, das wird's wohl auch nie wieder geben. 10 CDs, jede Scheibe prall gefüllt mit über 70 Minuten bisher unveröffentlichter Musik von Klaus Schulze. ... man könnte annehmen, daß auf den CDs das gesammelte Restmaterial der letzten zweieinhalb Dekaden gespeichert sei. Aber weit gefehlt! ...
Ideenmangel scheint für Schulze ein Fremdwort zu sein. Für das, was Klaus Schulze innerhalb weniger Monate an neuer Musik eingespielt hat, bräuchte manch anderer eine lange Zeit. Wie er es schafft, soviel zu komponieren und dabei immer noch ein hohes Maß an Qualität abzuliefern, bleibt sein Geheimnis.«
("Waves", Germany)

»Top Five of 1993« No. 3: Silver Edition (B. Kettlewell's choice)«
»Top Five of 1993« No. 4: Silver Edition (H. Schneider's choice)«
(both in "i/e", USA)

»...the importance of Klaus Schulze as a pioneer in modern electronic music is unrivalled. For over 21 years, and even more albums, he'd broken boundaries, musical conventions, and in turn become an inspiration to countless others. But, what were we to expect from a 10 CD set, celebrating 21 years of KS as a soloist? No, not a half baked compilation with the odd tracks and demos thrown in, but a whole ten CDs worth of entirely original previously unreleased music! ... Klaus D. Müller has truly put together an extraordinary opus!
[Thanks! And then follow one thousand and four hundred words of praise, closing with:]
»So vast a work, the Silver Edition could never be reviewed in great depth without it filling up half an issue of Audion. Simply put, Silver Edition is an amazing release!«
(A. F., "Audion", England)

»... An excellent collection of 10 CDs that has to be heard to be believed.«
(D. R., "Space Rider", Great Britain)

»Silver Edition is a monumental testament to one of the undisputed grand masters of electronic music. Such a collection of great music may never come again, and we should observe this historic event with the publicity it so richly deserves. ...
This is not a collection for the casual listeners. This is a must-have collectors item.«
(S. R., for "Dreams Word", USA)

»The Silver Edition contains some of the best material ever to be released by Klaus Schulze, and I would unhesitatingly recommend it as one of the greatest releases ever made by ANY artist.«
(T.B., Canada, for "Dreams Word")

»...allow me to say a few words about fantastic editions of Klaus Schulze which I have the honour to present in my radio shows. I would like to say that my listeners enjoy very much the music from Historic Edition and Silver Edition, which is on the air almost in EACH of my radio shows. It is absolutely fantastic music and I am happy to have the possibility to present it to the Russian audience. Thanks.«
(S. T., divers radio programmes, Russia)

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