Beginner's Guide to Klaus Schulze (by Thomas Beuthe, Canada)  

If you don't want to buy just any album at random, but still want to hear a nice cross section of all styles of music Klaus Schulze has produced, you might be tempted to buy:

The Essential 72-93
This 2-CD sampler is very nicely put together to maximize your listening pleasure, and at the same time give you a good hint as to which albums you might want to buy next.

Other than this, the following albums might be recommended listening. I have listed them in order of date of release.

Picture Music
Astonishingly mature example of early Schulze produced with a minimum of instruments.

A classic release. Undoubtedly one of his most influential albums. A nice place to start your collection.

Music of the spheres. A powerful album produced on only analogue instruments. Has received much praise by almost all fans.

Body Love
Soundtrack to a porn film. Excellent music to listen to when you're in a contemplative mood.

An album almost painful in its clarity and transparency. It contains exquisite sequencer patterns that are fascinating to listen to with a pair of headphones.

"X" (2-CD)
A symphonic work which will appeal to people that like the sound of the string section.

Dig It
An introduction to Klaus Schulze in the digital age. This album has a wonderful driving beat.

Audentity (2-CD)
Klaus Schulze at his enigmatic best. Contains a challenging array of astonishing music very different from almost anything else you might have heard before.

In Blue (2-CD)
Very warm, soulful electronic music. Great depth of emotion, and close interplay between KS and Manuel Goettsching.

Are You Sequenced?
High-energy, hard-driving music of the nineties.

(What more do you need than a good bottle of wine, a lovely KS album, and a good sound system to play it on? Nothing at all!)